Clickfunnels – How to Copy a Funnel Step From One Funnel To Another

Are you trying to copy a funnel step from one funnel to another in Clickfunnels? Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out how this is done. This blog post will walk you through the process of copying a funnel step from one funnel to another in Clickfunnels.

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We’ll take an example and show you how we would do this for someone who is looking for some help with their “Step 1” part of their onboarding sequence.

This person has been collecting emails with Leadpages and wants to set up the same type of page on Clickfunnels as well, but they don’t know where or how start that process yet.

The process of copying a step from one funnel to another in Clickfunnels can be difficult for people who don’t have experience with the software. It is important to understand that it isn’t just about dragging and dropping, but also understanding how the fields will populate once you click “copy.”

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