ClickFunnels – How to Use the Mobile/Desktop Toggle Setting

You may be wondering how to use the Mobile/Desktop Toggle setting if you’re not sure which version of ClickFunnels is best for your business. Well, it’s easy!

This post will show you all about this setting and help answer any questions you might have along the way.

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We’ll also cover other things that are helpful like what a funnel is, why they are important for businesses, and more. Let’s get started!

Have you ever wanted to switch between desktop and mobile views on your ClickFunnels dashboard? If so, then this blog post is for you! In this article, we’ll share how to use the toggle setting in order to do it.

First, go ahead and log into your account. Next, navigate over to Settings > Mobile/Desktop Toggle Setting. Now make sure that “Mobile” is selected as the current view by clicking on the box with an arrow pointing down at it next to “Current View.”

Once you’ve done that click “Save Changes.” You’re all set up now! (Make sure when adding text here I am using a call-to-action)

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